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About Us

Krishna Solar Power –is one of the distinguished wholesaler and supplier of Superior quality Solar Photovoltaic Modules under the brand name “MicroSun”.

Krishna Solar Power has expertise in the PV module arena. We are committed to providing a superior product, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. As a wholesaler and a dealer of photovoltaic modules, we can ensure that our clients receive a highly efficient product along with excellent pricing. We are dedicated to quality, innovation and improved efficiency as we pursue solar energy expansion around the world.

Krishna Solar Power is a Further, we possess a high scalable in-house design, & Development facility, which has enabled MicroSun to cater Solar Industries MicroSun Solar PV Modules ranges from 3 Watt to 300 Watts SPV Modules. MicroSun modules are renowned in the industry for their quality. MicroSun has a wide range of products and Systems.

Krishna Solar’'s range of 50+ products meet demand of a wide range of segments; residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company provide home inverters/UPS, High Capacity Inverters, Commercial, Online & Line interactive UPSs catering to capacities up to 500 KVA. Products in the solar range include solar inverters, off-grid systems, grid-tie inverters, solar charge controllers - PWM and MPPT, power conditioning units, solar lighting systems etc.



A best quality with affordable Service ! To contribute to establishing solar energy as a primary source for all commercial and residential properties throughout the world. This is an opportunity for each community to use a clean renewable energy as their main source of electricity. We don't need to rely on unsustainable fossil fuels any longer. Now is the time to thrive on the planet’s abundant supply of renewable energy. This will not only transform our economy but will ensure a brighter future for the next generations.


To support the Green Energy revolution and bring in more companies and Individuals to use Solar energy for a good cause. Solar Energy is very safe Reliable and sustainable.

To Support every individual to get the benefit of Solar Energy, as Solar Energy is Safe, Reliable, and Sustainable

Krishna Solar Benefits

  • Exceptional Customer Care
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Product Efficiency
  • Guaranteed Product Reliability